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Pamela Lindsey Journey before and after Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Dr. Robert Wegner, Bariatric Surgeon, and patient Pamela Lindsey joins Conversations with Betty LaMarr and LaCresha Chism to talk about her life before and after weight loss surgery.

Conversations Podcast link Sexual activity to cancer

Dr. Joseph Santoso explains to hosts Betty and LaCresha the connection between Sex and cancer in women as well as throat, penile cancer, and genital warts in men. HPV Infection is sexually transmitted and causes certain cancers. Dr. Santoso is a top GYN Oncologist in the Mid-South.
HPV infection as well as any cancer can be deadly. We also talked about ovarian, uterine and the link between overweight and cancer.


Dr. Chuck and Deneen Lester joins Betty LaMarr to talk about true love through the vow "In Sickness and in Health". Dr. Chuck Lester was diagnosed with severe Covid-19 and Mrs. Lester had a critical heart diagnosis. They thank each other for keeping the vows to love each other through sickness and health. Their faith kept them alive an well to love each other forever.