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Betty's Fashion Music Video 1986 Part 1

Betty Celebrates 35 years in TV Entertainment. This Fashion video was hosted at the Peabody Hotel in the Skyway and Roof Top. Fashions Provided by "Scruples Fashions on Poplar Ave"

Margaret Spann modeling on Betty LaMarr Show

This video is especially special because this is my sister that passed due to a breast cancer diagnosis when she was 51 years of age. I appreciate her for modeling on my TV Show in the 90's at the Pinnacle ( Top of the 100 North Main Building) R.I.P.

Yvonne Turner-Marshall R.I.P

My best friend Yvonne Marshall modeling on my TV Show at the Pinnacle (Top of the 100 North Main) Yvonne was diagnosed with cancer and ironically she and my sister both modeled on this show.